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Everything you need to know about Filmora and its latest updated version

In this article, I will be briefing you about all the details pertaining to Filmora, activate Filmora as well as its latest updated version.

What is Filmora? 

Filmora is essentially a video editing platform that allows you to create captivating videos easily and efficiently. If you are someone who is into video editing but find the current software in the market cumbersome and complex then Filmora is just the right way to start your video editing journey.  Furthermore, the software is compatible with most of the basic PC configuration and is, therefore, won’t be hefty on your system.

A quick glance at Filmora features

The features that are worth highlighting in Filmora are:

4K editing support

Enabling users to export and edit videos at the 4K resolution.

GIF support

Allows exporting-importing as well as editing of different GIF files.

Noise removal

Removes any noise that is putting a blemish on your video.

Colour tuning

 You can with the help of Filmora make fine adjustments to the dynamic range and white balance of your videos.

Advanced text editor

 With the Advanced text editor feature, you can easily edit the colour, font, size along with the animation of the text that you want to use in your video.

Video stabilization

Any effect of camera shake that you may stumble upon will be eliminated by this feature

Audio mixer: This allows users to intermix different audios to create a perfect sound for your videos and helps you to adjust each individual track.

Audio Equalizer

Tune-up your music and audio tracks.

How to activate Filmora 

In order to activate Filmora or any of its versions such as Filmora X, Filmora 9 or Filmora Pro on your system, you will require a Wondershare ID. So, right before we get into Filmora activation lets us first learn how you can create a Wondershare ID.

Now, a Wondershare ID is essentially a key to all the Wondershare products and services including Filmora. Apart from allowing you to activate the software, a Wondershare ID also helps you manage your device and access Filmstock resources.

This is how you can create one

There are three methods via which you can create your Wondershare ID to activate Filmora:

  1. You can create an ID within the Filmora software itself.
  2. You can visit the URL
  3. Or you can create one using the URL

Activate Filmora with easy steps

  • One thing that is worthwhile to remember is that Filmora is essentially a free application.
  •  However, it also has an Annual, Annual Bundle and Lifetime plan. One of the benefits of subscribing to such plans is that it allows you to get rid of the watermark while you export your videos. The free version can be used without any activation, however, the licenced one will have to go through an activation process. This is how you can carry it out:
  • Firstly, Open the Filmora software and click on New Project.
  • Then, from the top right corner of your screen, click on the Log in an icon. Now, using the Wonderhsare ID that you created using one of the three methods, you have to sign in. Make sure that you are using only those credentials that you used while subscribing to your Filmora plan.
  • Once you enter your credentials, you will be directed to a screen where you could see a pop up contacting the activation status of your Filmora account that would include your expiry date as well the plan type. 

Offline activation in Filmora

One of the limitations worth highlighting of the free Filmora version is that you can’t avail of the offline activation feature that the paid members can, which allows you to export videos in the unavailability of an internet connection.  However, if you do have a subscription plan then all you would have to do to activate Filmora offline is open Filmora 9 and go to File-Offline activation. Once you do this, you will be directed to a window where you will be required to enter your licenced email along with the registration code. Remember that you can only avail of the Filmora registration code as long as you are a subscriber. 

The latest Filmora version: Filmora 11

Key features

  • Enhanced video effects from Boris FX and New Blue FX
  • Now share and upload project documents, project templates as well as exported videos efficiently. 
  •  Create a video that is in reconciliation with your music selection, on top of that you can add recommended special effects and can easily generate videos. 
  • You can now browser up to 10 million media stock files. 

Activating Filmora 11: The latest Filmora version

The activation process for all the Filmora latest versions is nonetheless going to be the same. As mentioned earlier, you just need a plan to activate Filmora. For Filmora’s latest version you will have to sign up using your Wondershare ID. After that, the process is going to remain the same. 

Issues that you may want to avoid while activating Filmora latest version

The first, issue that you may want to avoid is that Filmora’s latest version works best with Windows 11 owing to the faster speed of the software. 

Another issue that you may face is that you may have the registration code for the older Filmora version but you want to use the updated one. Basically, every time you enter your email address for a Filmora license, a Wondershare ID gets created. If you still have that licensed email and are receiving emails. With this, you can retrieve your password and then log in to your Wonderhsare ID within the Filmora 11 software itself to activate it. To know further you can visit the URL

Another issue that you also want to take into account is whether Filmora is compatible with your system or not. Generally, all the Filmora versions as well as the latest one should meet the following requirement to work properly:

  • Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows10 and Windows 11
  • Processor: Minimum Intel i3
  • RAM: 4GB(For HD and 4K videos, you may need 8GB RAM)
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or something beyond that).


Wonderware Filmoa is a great product for those wanting to create content for different purposes. Filmora currently has versions starting from the year 2017 till 2022. With each year and latest update, they have brought something new to the table. There are a lot of cracked versions available of Filmora. However, they are not official and do not carry with them the official support from Wondershare and not to mention the issues concerning their legality. So, it’s better that you go for the paid membership which is relatively inexpensive and then activate Filmora.

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