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Vizio TV Sound Not Working? Fix it And Experience Quality Watching

Watching TV is the most popular leisure activity. After a long day at work, there is not much energy to do something energizing or extraordinary. Therefore, one of the people’s favorite tasks is to eat while watching TV. This is a very effective way to relax instantly. Just grab the remote and turn on your favorite shows and movies. However, many interruptions can disrupt the process. From power outages to failures, many problems often arise. However, one of the most common problems is audio glitches. But don’t worry anymore. This problem can be solved by yourself with some simple methods. In this article, we will discuss the steps to fix no sound on Vizio TV. The process is not very difficult and you will learn it yourself by the end of this article.

What is a Vizio TV?

Vizio TV is a very popular TV brand. This is a very economical and affordable TV brand. Although they are not very expensive TVs, they provide viewers with a great viewing experience. Vizio TVs have very good picture quality.

What are the most common audio sources on Vizio TV?

Before we learn to fix the problem of no sound on Vizio TV, let’s take a look at some of the most common sources of the problem. These are usually caused by small issues such as loose connections, tempering, etc. Because these problems are not very serious. They can be solved with simple troubleshooting at home.

Many times, the connection to the TV can be disconnected from the TV software. Even if the cable is connected correctly. If that’s the problem, you still won’t hear anything. However, you can quickly restart the TV. To do this, you must unplug the TV’s cable from the mains. Now, wait 30 seconds to 1 minute. Reinsert the plug. Your TV should now work fine. You should be able to hear all the music sounds!

Here, you have to check the cable that connects the TV’s audio port to other devices like a box. We often mix cables when plugging them back in. This could be the cause of the audio problem. For audio to work properly, an audio cable should be connected to the audio port. Also, sometimes the cables fray from the inside. This will cause them to malfunction.

Signal Provider:
TVs operate with the help of signal providers/feeds. This can be a cable box, streaming, satellite box, etc. Audio problems can also be in the signal provider. For troubleshooting, in this case, you have to change the feed to something else. For that, instead of paying for streaming, switch to wifi and cast something on your TV. Now, if you can hear the TV, the feed is not working. Otherwise, the TV will not work properly.

External Sound Source:
Sometimes people connect their TV to external sound. These are usually speakers. Speakers improve the quality of the audio. Therefore, sometimes the audio system/equipment may malfunction. Disconnect the TV from the device and play something. If you can hear sound then your TV is working fine.

Problems in Software Settings:
There may be some issues with the TV’s audio settings. These can happen if someone adjusts the settings without the correct information. A lot of times, kids are playing with the TV remote. Therefore, they can also cause such problems in TV setups. To fix this, you have to factory reset your TV. This will send the TV to all default settings. If there is a problem with the TV software, this process can fix it.

Why there is no sound on my Vizio TV?
A Vizio TV without sound cannot provide a pleasant experience. If you’re currently experiencing this issue, it’s a good idea to understand what’s causing them.

Here are a few possible reasons why your Vizio TV has no sound:

    • Mute/Low Volume: This is a very common cause that many people don’t realize. It could be that a friend/family member changed the setting and forgot it, or it could be caused by a problem with the remote.
    • Input Issues: External speakers or other media devices, such as game consoles and DVD players, can also affect the Vizio TV’s sound input configuration. These can hijack sound controls and interfere with default audio settings.
    • Wiring/Cable Failure: Another common problem is loose/broken wires. If the power cord or any other audio/video cable is damaged, it can cause the TV to experience audio failures.
    • Outdated software: Software-related issues can also affect TV audio. Despite having perfect hardware or properly configured settings, glitches and bugs in the operating system (firmware) can affect your TV’s volume or sound quality.

Quick Fixes for Vizio TVs
Fortunately, a few quick fixes can get the Vizio TV’s audio working right away. However, these fixes are only for the TV’s built-in speakers. So if the sound issues persist, you will have to check any external soundbars or speaker systems connected to the TV.

    • Increase the volume: Do this by pressing the volume up and down buttons on the remote – these buttons may also be marked with “+” and “-” symbols.
    • Unmute: Another volume setting you can check is the mute setting. You can toggle the mute setting with the buttons on the remote, and even use the volume controls on the back of the TV.
    • Always on TV speakers: Configuring the TV speakers to always be on can also solve the problem. You can configure this setting by selecting Menu > Audio > Audio Setup > Press OK and enabling Speaker Setup.
    • Reconnect cables: Audio/video signal transmission cables (such as HDMI) may also be loose or damaged. Disconnect them from the port and check for any external and internal damage. If the cables appear to be ok, try plugging them back in and make sure the connections are secure.
    • Change the volume settings on the connected device: When connected to a media device that has volume controls, such as a cable or satellite box, the volume controls on the device may interfere with the TV’s audio. Try switching the input to another device and check the volume.

Quick Steps to the Fix No Sound on the Vizio TV
The first step is to make sure your TV volume is turned on. If it’s too low/off, you won’t hear anything. Use the up and down buttons on your TV remote to change the volume on your Vizio TV.

Next is to check the mute option. If this option is ON, the TV will not make any sound.In this step, you’ll check if the TV’s speakers are turned on? Go to the menu options on the remote and press this button.

Now using your remote’s arrow keys, go to the “Audio” option. Then press OK button to continue.

Check if it shows ON. You have to change it accordingly.

Now, check the connecting cables. These cables connect the TV to other devices and mains power. Any
loose connections will cause audio problems. To make sure they work properly, disconnect and reconnect them. While doing all of this, check the cables for any cuts or damage.

Now, check if the audio is only from the satellite box or all devices? To do this, connect your TV to any other device, such as a game console, streaming device, etc. If your TV works with the internet, you can also stream anything over the internet.

Check the audio settings of the satellite box. See if the audio is on or off or muted. Now, you must be able to fix the problem of no sound on your Vizio TV.
The problem is with your TV hardware. For example, in this case, you must contact Vizio TV customer service.

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